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A New Demo Appears!

Well, here culminates, if not the ending, at least a large portion of my journey towards releasing a commercial game. The demo is on Steam. Download it and play here:

I’m feeling a lot of things right now. Nervous, vulnerable, a lot of imposter syndrome (is it imposter syndrome if you’re actually an imposter? My mind says that’s what imposter syndrome is but my heart says I’m an imposter), excited, a little nauseous…It turns out that, at least mentally, there’s a big difference between uploading a casual build to saying “thought this game was cute lol might delete ltr”, and uploading a demo build to Steam which is meant to showcase a game to potential customers. Even when I’ve been making non-commercial games for many years. It just resonates in a different spot within your soul. In any case, spaghetti code abounds. Here is an impression of me when someone plays the game:

I had to do a massive crunch to get everything working properly for the Steam festival (though, I somehow doubt it’ll actually be worth the crunch), and that crunch came with a number of concessions on clean and efficient code. My plan right now is to slowly update and squeeze out the spaghet before launch, but we all know what happens to the best laid plans…

In any case, I’m excited for people to finally be able to get their hands on the new Spaceslingers. The one that I’ve been dev-logging about for awhile now but haven’t had a playable version of. The one that I’ve grinded my fingerbones against a keyboard for months to make. The one that I’ve spent countless hours tweaking and sculpting in the dead of night. The one that has existed only in the shadows of my harddrive until now. The one that I wanted to make.

So, to whomever of my ephemeral and digital friends that play this, I hope you have as much fun playing this as I have had making it. I hope it brings you both the meditative moments of planning and the frustrating drive to complete that I’ve experienced. I hope it either awakens, or furthers, a love of space and the universe in all it’s glory. And I hope you complete your blasted deliveries in record time.

By RefresherTowel

I'm a solo indie game developer, based in Innisfail, Australia.

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