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Elemental Combination Effects in Alchementalist

Here’s a short video I made showing the different elemental combinations you can make in Alchementalist:

I’ve added range upgrades to the spells in order to create bigger “areas” for each effect, and everything is still very much WIP, but the basics are there at least.

Now that I’ve got all the base combinations in the game, excepting Magma, I’m tossing up whether to add in “secondary level” interactions, such as Dust + Fire or Steam + Earth, etc. I’ll list the combos achievable right now below and if anyone has any suggestions they think might be cool, I’d be interested to hear them.

Base Elements





Combined Elements

Storm (Fire + Wind)

Steam (Fire + Water)

Magma (Fire + Earth)

Dust (Earth + Wind)

Slime (Earth + Water)

Ice (Water + Wind

By RefresherTowel

I'm a solo indie game developer, based in Innisfail, Australia.

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