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My name’s RefresherTowel and this is my little online oasis. I’m a solo indie game developer living in Australia. Check out my current WIP Alchementalist and my previous game Spaceslingers. I make stuff in a game engine called GMS2 which I’ve used on and off for close to 15 years now, but I dabble in other engines from time to time.



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Spaceslingers is 60% off on Steam!

Pit yourself against the toughest delivery routes the universe has to offer! Challenge the leaderboard competition by showing your skill in over 50 deliveries! Die horrible deaths inside of black holes! Use wormholes to travel through space in the blink of an eye! Blow yourself up on asteroids with wild abandon! All this for only […]


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Personal Blog

Alchementalog #2: A Song of Stats and Boosts, Part 1

Despite the fact I’ve been doing pretty regular mini updates on Twitter, Reddit and Youtube, I haven’t really written a proper devlog entry for Alchementalist yet (I mean, I’ve kind of done one previously, but that’s it!) So let’s rectify that! In this devlog, I want to talk about the work that’s gone into the stats and boosts system. It’s been quite a journey so far and the magic system I envisioned […]

Recounting A Successful Failure (The Spaceslingers Post-Mortem)

This is the part two of my original post A Pre-Post Mortem About Marketing, if you haven’t read that, I highly recommend you do so as I won’t be covering the same material here and a lot of people found the original post helpful. So what does a successful failure look like? Well, first, let’s talk about success. I had two pretty clear goals in mind when it came to launching Spaceslingers. […]


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