Spaceslingers is a mind-bending gravity-based game, where the only obstacles between you and your goal are the most powerful celestial objects in the known universe!

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Play as a Xenobiologist trying to understand the life-cycle of alien eggs in this puzzle game. Piece together the requirements and spot common patterns amongst the various eggs to get each egg to incubate. Use your wits and dastardly cunning to incubate all the eggs before the Company™ moves on to the next planet.

Bio-X was made for JamCraft 5 with a time limit of 10 days.

Laser Hair Surgery

Hair Parties have become the next big thing, but what are the bald people supposed to do?! Go to the local Laser Hair Surgery clinic and lay themselves under your delicate hand as you rush to cope with the demand while making sure you’re neat and tidy.

Laser Hair Surgery was made for Heartjam with a time limit of 3 days.